Feels Like Home

Iceland half resize

We’ve had a busy few months, preparing for a big 25th wedding anniversary trip to Iceland and England, then being gone for two and a half weeks, and coming home to recover and get back to every day life (recovery and reintegration took longer than I’d thought it would. I think it’s a sign of age, sigh!). It was a fabulous time and while I didn’t manage to blog about the trip here, I did do daily Trip Posts with photos on Facebook. if you follow me there, you can go back through my timeline and read about it.

Coming home after being in foreign lands for awhile always feels a bit jarring…

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Sketchbook Skool!


[In which one writer finds other things to do with notebooks and pens besides furiously scribbling words.]

I have had a love-affair with art supply stores for years. Mostly it was drooling at all the colors and paints and pencils and artsy stuff like a kid in a candy store, but then circling back around to my “safe” area– pens and notebooks. I love buying pens and notebooks, as do so many of my writerly friends. How fun to pick up different pens for $2 or $3, and fill up the tabla rasa of white pages.

And then, inspired by a writer-friend who was diving deeply into making art as well, I started dipping my toe in—

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Beginning Anew, Again

Smoothi crop

I start most mornings with a green smoothie– a concoction of cucumber, spinach, rice or nut milk, chia seeds, stevia, protein powder, bananas, a scoop of frozen orange juice concetrate, and a mix of frozen fruit– mango and berries of all sorts. I know it sounds weird to a lot of people, but we like it around here. It’s thick and sweet, goes down easy, and I don’t have to think about what to make for breakfast. Most days, this is it.

It’s also super-healthy, and this makes me feel like I’m beginning anew, again, each day. Of course, one nutrient-rich drink doesn’t undo the “sins” of the previous day, but it does help me to wipe the slate clean again, to set an intention for how I want the day to go, steering me in the right direction. Even though I often get turned around and a little lost in my days, there is a hopeful faith, a yearning, and beauty in a fresh start.

I’m using this moment to Begin Anew, Again with my blog—-

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The Magical Scarf

boot scarf resized

It’s been a heckuva winter as they say up here in the North Land– one of the longest, coldest, snowiest, grueling and unending we’ve had in years. There were 50 days below zero, wicked windchills that caused kids to miss 6 days of school (usually there are no snow days here), and the cities had to implement a parking ban– only parking on one side of the street because too much snow made the roads too narrow. I know that much of the country had terrible winter stories to tell as well… we were all in it together.

It’s been a rough winter for me in other ways too–

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