Travel Lessons


  It’s hard to believe we’ve been back from our Miracle Do-Over Trip to Iceland and England for several weeks already. Some of you may have followed my trip-blogging on Facebook–writing about it helps me remember details and process my experience.  It was a fabulous trip for me in so many ways. I feel lucky to […]

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Life Lessons: Saying Yes to the Positive, and a Big Do-Over


Life is handing me a bit of magic lately. In two weeks, Bob and I will be traveling off to England and Iceland again. Yes, for those of you who’ve followed along, we DID just go to both places last May to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. It’s really almost miraculous that through some really good fortune, we are getting to go again. I’m thrilled and touched at this opportunity.

Some of you read along as we blogged, posted and photographed our way through England and Iceland last year. It was a great trip and we had a good time, but there were some flies in the ointment…

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100 lbs: Lessons in Less of Me


A few weeks ago, I reached a big milestone —I stepped on the scale, ecstatic to realize I’ve lost 100 lbs. since 2005. I used to watch The Biggest Loser and I remember how exciting that moment was for contestants, achieving that goal. It boggled my mind to think of doing such a thing myself. What would if feel like? Now I know…

Pretty damn good! :-)

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Divorce Lesson #10


I’m sitting out here at the almost-6-month mark. It’s been quite a journey, and my life is basically unrecognizable from what it used to be– mentally, emotionally and physically. I’m crossing a landscape of intense feelings I never knew existed before. It’s weird. It’s good. It’s hard. It’s my life.

I know I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been on a voracious knowledge-seeking quest (hence my Hermione nickname). I haven’t been able to read fiction hardly at all– I’ve been absorbing self-help and relationship books at a fast pace. Because of the intensity of my situation, I’ve been on a steep learning curve and I’m racing to keep up. I want to know everything now– which sounds a bit desperate, and maybe it is, but it’s been fueling huge growth for me.

The relationship between Bob and me is continuing to change and grow. It can never go back to what it was before…

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