Learning to See the Fork

Forks 2

I am thinking a lot about forks lately. Not the eating utensil kind (though I have been wondering where the heck ours have been going… thrown in the garbage? Under someone’s bed?), but as I’m Waking Up in my own life, I’m looking at the forks in my day. I’m discovering there are a LOT.

The kind of forks I’m talking about are the proverbial Forks-in-the-Road. If you prefer to be more plain about it, they are the myriad Choices we make in a day. It’s like living in a Choose Your Own Adventure story…

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Oh, What a Year!


So, that was a year. Quite a year, indeed.

I’m sitting here in the waning hours of 2015, looking back at a most momentous year of change, upheaval, growth, pain, joy, discovery and transformation. Even though I lived through it, I can hardly believe all that happened. The year opened rather darkly, with Bob moving out into an apartment on an Awful-Awful day in the continuing saga of the divorce he’d asked me for.

And then… in a rather unexpected turn of events, we began dating…

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How to Rebuild a Life in 3 Easy Steps


Hi folks, it’s been awhile. I’ve been wanting to write but the summer somehow passed in a blur, and I’ve been unsure about what I want to say. After this wild year, I think I’ve needed time to catch my breath and digest what I’ve been through.

But yes, it is a year this September since Bob told me he wanted a divorce. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed already. It’s been a period of chaos, commotion, heartbreak and loss, but also growth, discovery, healing and connection. My life is so different from where it was a year ago, and I am different too…

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