The Magical Scarf

It’s been a heckuva winter as they say up here in the North Land– one of the longest, coldest, snowiest, grueling and unending we’ve had in years. There were 50 days below zero, wicked windchills that caused kids to miss 6 days of school (usually there are no snow days here), and the cities had to implement a parking ban– only parking on one side of the street because too much snow made the roads too narrow. I know that much of the country had terrible winter stories to tell as well… we were all in it together.

It’s been a rough winter for me in other ways too–

Cafe Miel

It was the ‘80s, when coffee shops and cafes weren’t commonplace as they are today. I’d only had espresso once before, a few sips with a bad boyfriend in Denver late one night, when he wanted to introduce me to this exotic drink. We walked from bar to restaurant in downtown Denver until he found one place that served it, a posh night club. We settled onto white leather couches and drank tiny cups of straight espresso, bitter like our relationship often was.

But here I was now, on a second date with this guy I’d just met through a personals ad. He’d called me the day after our first date, offering

A Control-Freak Goes Uncharted

I’ve been grooving on singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles for several years now. Yeah, she’s pretty and sings catchy songs, but don’t dismiss her; she’s smart, writing songs full of poetry, storytelling, and complexity. She doesn’t go for cheap rhymes (the ones you can see coming around the corner). AND she’s a huge goofball. I love that in a person. (maybe because I’m one too?)

I was at the gym the other day when her song “Uncharted” started playing on my Ipod. I’ve always loved this song, and now it was speaking to me in a different way. Uncharted? Why would I want to be Uncharted? I’ve always had such a tight-grip on my Control. Big-time planner. List-maker. Definitely Charted.