It was not the weekend we’d planned.  Husband Bob got off work early, and we decided to take on the project of rearranging our living room, which hadn’t been done in more than a decade.  It involved moving the entertainment center, with the multiple electronics/devices/computer and all the many wires in our complicated setup.  The living room was soon a mess of stuff piled on the floor, the couch upended.  In the midst of this, a wicked windy storm blew in.  And our power went out.

The chaos of the weekend went on to include our sump pump not working and half of our basement flooding (an unfinished storage room, ankle deep in water), a wedding to attend, hauling all the stuff in the storage room into the back yard to dry everything out and throw some away, mopping up water, putting the living room back together, and one of our cats peeing on the couch and pooping in a laundry basket, upset by all this upheaval.

Yeah, it wasn’t great.  It was exhausting.  But even in the midst Continue reading