It’s hard to believe we’ve been back from our Miracle Do-Over Trip to Iceland and England for several weeks already. Some of you may have followed my trip-blogging on Facebook–writing about it helps me remember details and process my experience.  It was a fabulous trip for me in so many ways. I feel lucky to have had this unique opportunity to revisit the same places we’d just been a year before. Also, there was a real  Before and After element to this trip, since in between, I’d had such a major, transformative period in my life.


Before:  305 lbs, lots of pain, difficulty walking, had to sit out on hiking, relationship difficulties

BTG crop

Bob, Theresa, Gio in 2014– Before

After:  240 lbs, much less pain, able to walk and keep up, no seat belt extenders on the plane (!), able to hike and climb, wonderful relationship transformation


These Before and Afters were great, and added to that were the many lessons I learned that have really helped me in my personal growth.  I’d like to share a few of them with you.

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