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Breathing as a Tool?

I know it may be hard to tell from my calm, cool demeanor (heh), but I’m actually a pretty anxious person. Maybe I have the central nervous system of Alice’s white rabbit. Or it could be the result of the family system I grew up in. Or maybe it’s just my own funzie personality…  probably a combination of all of the above. I tend to look for the negative in everything first, sussing out what could possibly go wrong before I will believe it might work. I’m anxious about new situations or places, even though I power through and push myself to “do it anyway.” I anticipate and ruminate and fret and go over things in my mind a million times. You get the picture. Continue reading

What’s in a Year?

New Accoutrements

My Facebook Memories has reminded me that it’s now been a year since the cortisone shots stopped working for my knees. This began a long trip down the rabbit hole to a kind of year I didn’t know was in store for me. Instead of getting my freelance writing gig going or finding a job, I started dealing with Pain–  stabbing, burning, achingly sore, white-knuckling-it, limping my way through my days. Bone-on-bone arthritic knees end up throwing off the whole body, and the pain over here can lead to pain over there. And sleep, which should be a rest and a respite, gets mucked up by Pain, and leads to a night of tossing and turning with soreness.

My, that sounds fun, doesn’t it? Continue reading

Dragons and Mermaids and Unicorns, Oh My!

The truth is, the more I researched my topics, the more I discovered that maybe these creatures aren’t entirely fictional to everyone…

Last week I finished writing my third book in 3 months, (huzzah!). It was fun, it was grueling, and I learned some pretty weird things.

As some of you know, I sometimes write nonfiction educational books for kids. I hadn’t done one in a few years — unfortunately these writing jobs pay poorly and are a lot of work. But when an editor contacted me last fall, the topics were mythological creatures: fairies, vampires, werewolves and such. Irresistible! After all the frustrations I’ve had lately dealing with medical stuff and battling health insurance, I wanted some writing work. I requested the titles that sounded most fun to me: dragons, mermaids and unicorns. Continue reading

Warning: Detours and Crisis Ahead…

A lot has changed for me in the last 6 months. Spring and summer are known as road construction season in Minnesota, and I find I’m on a long detour now, off-road from where I thought I was going. It’s not horrible — I know some people going through really horrific detours in their life. Mine is challenging and difficult, but really just AFGO (Another Fucking Growth Opportunity, or as we writers say: more material).

In the previous post, I wrote about my efforts to go from temping jobs to pursuing freelance business writing full time. Just as I was putting the final touches on my planning and research, I started to get hit by some things that threw me off track…. Continue reading

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