I wrote this series of Divorce Lessons back in 2014-2015 after my husband of 25 years unexpectedly blurted out that he wanted to leave at the end of a therapy session, a week before my 50th birthday. It was a devastating time for me, and I started blogging about my experiences in navigating grief, loss and change as I was going through it, and what I was learning to help myself through it.

After many months, we did reconcile and decided to stay together, so the Divorce Lessons start reflecting that around Lesson 8. Now, in 2020, after 6 years of trying to make it work, after being together for 32 years, we have separated and are moving towards divorce once again, I wrote about that experience in this post here.

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Divorce Lesson 1: Stay in the Present Moment

Divorce Lesson 2: Love Is All Around

Divorce Lesson 3: The Freedom in Hopelessness

Divorce Lesson 4: Do It Your Own Way

Divorce Lesson 5: Changing It Up

Divorce Lesson 6: Don’t Pre-Suffer (or Post-Suffer, Either)

Divorce Lesson 7: Re-(Blank)-ing Myself

Divorce Lesson 8: The Elevator Speech

Divorce Lesson 9: The Great Relationship Tool

Divorce Lesson 10: Learning to Trust Myself


Image courtesy of Eric Ward -7k at Unsplash.com.