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One of my best discoveries a few years ago was Leonie Dawson, an Australian business coach who has made over $12 million by creating and selling online courses that help others fulfill their own business dreams. I’ve learned so much and made many great connections and friends through taking these courses. I highly recommend all of them. Learn more about Leonie’s many offerings below. 

40 Days to a Finished Book was instrumental in helping me to write and publish my latest book. Leonie gives tons of wisdom and information about book writing and publishing, practical advice, inspiration and encouragement. Click here to learn more. 

In Money, Manifesting & Multiple Streams of Income, you’ll learn how to do it all from someone who has manifested more than $12 million from the business they created. You’ll learn the mindset necessary to increase your income and savings as well as how to analyze your spending and expenses. Life-changing. Click here to learn more. 

Never created an online course before? Leonie will take you step-by-step through the process in 40 Days to Create & Sell Your E-Course, after years of creating multiple very successful online courses. Click here to learn more. 

Learn how to promote your creations

Sales and promoting are not the favorite part for many of us creative folks. Yet we must do it in order to find our audience, our people, and to share with the world. In Sales Star, Leonie teaches us how they creatively and lovingly and strategically sold their way to a multi-million dollar business. Click here to learn more. 

organize your goals for 2022

Leonie has been publishing her wildly popular Goal Getter workbooks for many years. They are the most colorful, fun and inspirational way to plan out how to make 2022 the best for your personal and/or business goals. This year they are available in print or e-book formats. Check them out here. 

Leonie is a huge proponent of working smarter, not harder. In Work Less, Earn More, Leonie teaches students how they created and continues to run a successful multi-million dollar business by working 10 hours a week. You can do it too. Click here to learn more. 

Many creators have come to feel trapped by what feels like the necessity of marketing on social media– where you are at the whims and changing regulations of those platforms. In Marketing Without Social Media, Leonie teaches everything about how to market successfully without depending on unreliable social media giants. Click here for more info. 

Here’s your chance to get a peek behind the scenes of a millionaire’s finances. In Leonie’s Money in 2021: The Full Review, Leonie tells all– income, investments, donation, what made the most money, net worth and more. What a great way to learn and imagine your own financial future. Click here to learn more. 

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