Clicking this link [Betsy-Tacy and Pterodactyls+] should open the file on your computer. You can read it without downloading it.

How to Download Betsy-Tacy and Pterodactyls:

Click the Download Arrow in the upper right corner of your screen.

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Your computer will store the novel on your computer. Find it in your Downloads file, open and read.


You can read this PDF novel on your Kindle reader. It won’t be formatted as an ebook, but it is readable.

I don’t have a Kindle, but I read Kindle books on my phone all the time through a Kindle app (link below to Free Kindle Reading Apps).

To read this PDF on Kindle, you can download it to your phone or device, then open it with the Kindle app (your device should ask how you want to read the document).

I have also emailed the downloaded document to myself on my computer, and opened the email on my phone. I then open the attached document through my Kindle app.

Here are some helpful resources:

Free Kindle Reading Apps

How to Read a PDF on Your Kindle

Send to Kindle by Email

If you’re having technical difficulties, please email me at¬†and I will make every effort to assist you.