Well, well, well!  Back to blogging after quite a hiatus.  I had started my old site, The Sapphire Pen, back in 2002… my daughter was 11, and it boggles my mind to think of it now, but she taught me how to build a website.  We were using rocks and sticks and pieces of flint– something like that, and I honestly can’t even remember how we did it.  Thanks to her, that site kept me flying and blogging for several years until something crashed and I could no longer edit pages.  Ah well… I knew I needed a new site anyway, using more modern tools, with a more professional look (I’m still working on that).  Thanks to the help of a wonderful friend who took a class on website creation, I’ve got this site now, coming together.  It’s exciting for me, a step forward and put myself out there as a writer.

It feels a little like getting up on new legs, a bit wobbly, but I’ll get in the swing of things soon.  I want to blog about a bunch of stuff, and maybe a pattern will eventually emerge, but for now I’m thinking or writing about my interests, in the hopes that some of it will interest others out there– like writing, cooking, life transformation, health & fitness, parenting, gardening, and we’ll see what else.

And now to see if I’ve figured out how to put up an entry!