So many books have had such a huge impact on my life… here is a selection I highly recommend.
(All book images are clickable links.)

The last few years have been about me changing my relationship to myself and my body, and trying to break free of the toxic messages our culture trains in us. These books have had a profound impact on this paradigm shift for me.



My all-time favorite children’s book series is the Betsy-Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace. I re-read these beloved tomes many times growing up, and continued into adulthood. Then I found an online community of others who were also big fans. Don’t miss them!

Sometimes I dive down deep into the self-help category, which can be a bit of an obsession as I try to figure out my life. The ones I have absolutely learned the most from, and I honestly say that they have changed my life, are these books by Brene Brown.  Watch her TedTalk on Vulnerability, along with the other 30 Million people who have seen it.  And read her books!

This book on chronic pain is excellent–  author Jennifer Kane has researched so many options and gives so much information on this topic,  the Hermione in me is impressed. It is definitely making my life better.