When winter goes long, like it is this year here, it’s good to remember why I live here. I’m not that fond of snow and ice and freezing temperatures, but I don’t want to move away. For me, the pros outweigh the cons.

Today’s prompt was to read more about the history of haiku and then to write 3 of them. I ended up writing 4 just to say what I wanted to say.  They’re short!

Why I Live Here:  Minneapolis Haiku


House in the city.
Wilderness is all around.
Urban meets forest.

Two blocks from river.
Trees stretch and wave in the gorge.
Oh, Mississippi!

Raccoon, possum, fox,
eagle’s nest in neighbor’s tree,
coyotes seen too.

Minutes from downtown,
all the perks of city life
plus Nature’s beauty.


Writers, if you haven’t heard of them yet, do check out the London Writers’ Salon! They are a wonderful community of writers that went global during the pandemic, and they offer free daily co-writing sessions called The Writers’ Hour, guest speakers and online events, and a membership site with active forums. I’ve really enjoyed what they have to offer!

Photos: Nicole Geri from Unsplash,com, Dave Baur photo from Pixabay.com.