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Poetry Challenge – Day 21

Welcome to Day 21 of my 30-Day Poetry Challenge!

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What is it about poets and seasons? Weather seems to bring a lot of emotional content for me, at least, and we get so much variety in Minnesota. So here’s another one, after spending the afternoon listening to music outside at a Record Store Day block party. I feel so rejuvenated!



Nobody can understand it
quite like we do in the North,
what it’s like to peel off long underwear, the layers,
wool socks, mittens, thick coat, knit scarves and hats,
step outside for the first time in forever
into the dance of the yellow afternoon,
feeling your skin sigh as this first warm air
caresses, invites,
after another long winter is done.

You can’t miss the glow, the smile on everyone’s face,
basking in a communal punch-drunk high. We
beam at each other, laugh, playfully flirt with
these newly-freed bodies. It is a strong infatuation
we have with Spring, all the sweetness of a new love,
We are giddy, intoxicated, our every cell
parched and starving, longing to be sun-drenched.
We are blissfully dizzy at the beginning
of this romance, woozy as a fat buzzing bee.
We know ecstasy today, our emotions awakening
in this 57 degrees.

Spring is new baby innocence, that sweet smell,
softest velvety skin. Spring is intricate butterfly
from dark cocoon. Spring is first kisses, sizzling
foreplay, a giddy, gaudy celebration.

But nothing is blooming yet. Tree branches are bare,
only hinting of buds. Snow still clings in small and
large patches. Yet this day, Spring is truly in the air,
warming us into whimsy, whispering green promises
into our ears. We can’t help but be smitten. We
smile at her loveliness, dance in her warm embrace,
and completely seize the day.

 *     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *


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  1. Chris

    Beautiful…the freedom from the burden of so many layers. You could see how much lighter with every step. There were even children bounding down the sidewalks in bare feet!

    You captured the heart of the day!

    • Theresa Alberti

      Oh yes, the contrast of the burden of layers and the lightness. I saw bare feet too, guys running shirtless, shorts. We are so ready for this! Thanks again, Chris.

  2. Jennifer D-K

    “. . . . our emotions awakening
    in this 57 degrees. ”

    Yes!! When people ask, How can you stand to live in the North, with all that snow?, THIS is the answer. Well, and also because snow is gorgeous and a Northeast winter is amazing. But also, that incredible feeling when spring is FINALLY in the air, and you unclench parts of you that you didn’t even know were clenched. And I love your illustration, too – crocuses are badasses that push up through the snow; forsythia is the TRUE sign that Spring is finally here!!!

    • Theresa Alberti

      You so get it, Jen. There is nothing like that first blissful day, and how much we have learned to appreciate the good weather when it comes!

  3. Nora Jane Krahn

    You captured how we fall in love with Spring, over & over again. And this rapture of new love is another reason to live in the “Bold North”!

  4. Carroll Jones

    This is so luscious, Theresa, yet contained and controlled as it should be, so that the structure is spacious, with room for its words to move around in, to bask and entice while still creating a form in which to move forward every sensual experience of this ONE Spring day. Lovely!

    • Theresa Alberti

      Thanks so much, Carroll… you put that so thoughtfully well. I was after a certain feeling and sound… and I’m so glad it worked out!

  5. Ann Hobbs

    Oooh ! The best one yet ( I think, but it is hard to tell there have been so many really good ones). I, m going toget off computer and go outside. …………. WITHOUT A COAT,

    • Theresa Alberti

      Oh, thank you, Ann! Yes, isn’t truly amazing when we can leave without a coat?? Yay!

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