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Poetry Challenge – Day 27

Welcome to Day 27 of my 30-Day Poetry Challenge!

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I could not resist the NaPoWriMo prompt for today: my daughter Gennie has had such a passion for the Rider-Waite Tarot for years, does amazing readings, has done a huge research project on it, and even made a really cool animation of the cards (scroll down below the poem to see it– it’s short and amazing). 

The prompt: pick a card (any card) from this online guide to the tarot, and then to write a poem inspired either by the card or by the images or ideas that are associated with it.

The Edge

Some would think it foolish
to admire this Fool
in his whimsical tunic, wide sleeves
agape, head tossed back, taking in
the brilliance of the yellow-sky day.
His golden-shod feet step forward
just inches away from the rocky cliff edge.

He looks sublime and oblivious, caught up
in the bliss of the moment, and yet,
the white dog yaps a warning, so he knows.
Doesn’t matter, he thinks. He knows himself,
white rose in hand, a satchel of what he needs,
and his mountain journey has led him here.
There have been grueling days climbing
and now the reward of this peak, this
glorious sun. The next step
is to walk off the edge of certainty
and trust what comes after. It’s his time
to fall or fly. He’s betting on flying, his
wide sleeves ready to turn into wings.
Maybe, and maybe not,
but he’s ready to step into the unknown
and try.

Me, I’ve never been much the Fool.
I grew up hanging onto railings, stepping
back, too anxious to be anything but safe.
I’ve traveled hard roads, but I long to climb
mountains, take more risks, trust in something
larger than my own tenacious grip. Lately
the pull towards “what if?” has been calling,
keeping my feet stepping forward,
one after the other, much more slowly
than the Fool, yet I keep going. What
will it be like to stand at the edge,
stomach swirling, legs trembling,
face lifted to the possibility
of who knows what
will come next?


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April is National Poetry Month, which was inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996.

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I’m so looking forward to your comments–  it doesn’t have to be about the poem. Write anything, share the name of your favorite poet or poem, write about the weather, whatever! And thanks for reading.

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Photo credit: Pamela Colman Smith, illustrator of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck; and Leio McLaren, courtesy of

Video credit: Genevieve Alberti; music “Break the Spell” by Ellis Delaney


  1. Barbara Moffett

    The Fool, huh? That’s different from the romantic notion I have about risk taking… probably because I’m more like you, Theresa, always thinking of the consequences. I can’t say I’m at peace with that, so, we’re both looking to be more adventuresome.
    Annnd, I hesitate to tell you this-I love the way the last verse, it’s shape gave me the visual impression of a cliff and that seemed like another kind of poetry.

    • Theresa Alberti

      Thanks, Barb… and I so didn’t notice the shape of that last stanza at all. Weird that it unconsciously turned out that way. Thanks for pointing it out!

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