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Poetry Writing Challenge – Day 1

 Welcome to Day 1 of my 30-Day Poetry Challenge!

  • I’m writing and posting a new poem every day through the month of April (yikes!), for better or worse.
  • AND, as a gift, I’m giving away a copy of my poetry book EVERY DAY this month. FREE!
  • Sign up to WIN a copy of (After) Confession by just leaving a comment beneath the poem of the day.
  • I will pick a winner every day in April! So comment every day for a new chance to win.

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Now onto today’s poem. Don’t forget to comment, and check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won!

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Midwest: Spring


It snowed again last night…
lovely white frosting
on bare branches, rooftops,
my view a pretty winter postcard,
blue sky and sunshine.
The air is crisp, chilled.
we are on the verge of April
now, and I am
with waiting.

It has been too
My frozen self has been
dull and asleep in darkness,
on ice, hibernating,
deep in the hard ground.
But hidden somewhere in the attic
is a box of memories
from years past.

I find it.  I open.

Oh You–
I remember You.

The dream comes awake
as I pull out treasures:
a scrap from that dress
you always wear,
all lacy emerald,
sparkling with dew.
The scent of your
warm breeze through
open windows.
Your laughing cheerful
trickle of water somewhere.
And flowers– armfuls of
bright daffodils, hyacinth,
crocus, that red tulip you wear
behind your right ear.

How long have I forgotten You,
My Darling, my Love,
My Heart, in
this time of
cold, dark despair?

Please come!
I am so ready now
to awaken,
so ready to have you
and steal my heart

 *     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

April is National Poetry Month, which was inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996.

This month’s posts are part of the  NaPoWriMo challenge — that’s National Poetry Writing Month. At, you’ll find links to other participating writers and their poetry. AND daily writing prompts for inspiration to write your own poems. Check them out.

I’m so looking forward to your comments–  it doesn’t have to be about the poem. Write anything, share the name of your favorite poet or poem, write about the weather, whatever! And thanks for reading.

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Photo credit: Bob Alberti


  1. Charle' Nielsen

    So brave, Theresa. Thank you for sharing your words and baring your soul. Courage.

    • Theresa Alberti

      Thanks and hugs, Charle… that means a lot to me!

  2. Alan Musielewicz

    Good job. I am looking forward to this. I used to write a Haiku on the train every day to work. Mostly about an experience on the Train. I thought of putting them together in a work called “Art in Transit” and pitch the idea to the MTC about art at and in Transit facilities, including the poem of the month.

    Thanks again for getting me started.

    • Theresa Alberti

      Thanks, Al, and that’s a great idea. I’m so glad you’re still writing.

  3. KCLAnderson (Karen)

    “all lacy emerald,
    sparkling with dew.”

    Ahhhhh…so good!

    • Theresa Alberti

      Thanks, Karen… I’m so glad you liked it!

  4. Serena

    “Oh You–
    I remember You.”

    So… delightful! These lines made me sigh… and cry.

    I am a huge fan of your poetry. I feel so lucky we get a new poem every day for a month! Thank you! And thanks for the book givaway!

    • Theresa Alberti

      Thank you, dear! Your support and friendship are always so amazing, and I’m grateful.

  5. Jennifer D-K

    I love this poem! You beautifully nailed what many of us in the deep-winter states are feeling right now. We can still recognize the beauty of snow, but by April . . . ENOUGH, already. Our souls long for new growth.

    Looking forward to reading more!

    • Theresa Alberti

      Thanks, Jen… and it’s snowing here again today, more steps backward, sigh!

  6. Ann Rolle Kreider

    Love this. I am proud of you for taking on this challenge. Looking forward to your daily posts.

    • Theresa Alberti

      So good to hear from you, my friend! Thanks for reading!

  7. Linds

    Thank you for this first poem. I love the way you paint a picture with words and once you set the visuals you go into the feeling. We, the reader, then are with you in such a personal way. I’m looking forward to the future poems. Will they be the ones in the book?

    • Theresa Alberti

      Thanks, Linda! Every day I’m writing and posting a new poem, freshly written, so these are not in the book. I do have a few poems from the book posted on the book page: . Check back every day– I’m getting ready to write Day 3 now!

  8. Julie Chuba

    Lovely poem, Theresa! I think a lot of us are ready to be awakened (or re-awakened) in a many different ways!

    • Theresa Alberti

      I think we are too, and hopefully more on a cultural/global level too. Thanks, Julie!

  9. Heather

    Jen is right – this is GORGEOUS! What a delight! Now to read the others. Thank you for this lovely gift!

    • Theresa Alberti

      Aw thanks, Heather– that means so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying them. 🙂

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