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Simmering… simmering…

It’s been since January that I last blogged???  Time flies!

The truth is, I’ve been waiting to blog, putting it on the back-burner while the whole pot of me simmers. I’ve been doing so much work on feelings and self-transformation, tons and tons of therapy, learning about myself, and letting all of it soak in and gel. A lot of changes going on for me, many of them internal but big, nonetheless. And the time is coming– soon I think– for me to write about them.

But for now, I’ll share a recent poem that touches on some of my stuff. And I’m sending you my love, too– it’s been a tough year with a lot of tragedy and turmoil. Let’s all hang in there.

Falling in Love…

I dig way back into the past,
shovel sinking deeper and deeper
into the loam and then black dirt.
Years flash by as I toss them over
my shoulder, down, down,
to the girl I uncover,
preserved and buried safe, the
8 year old Me, with bright eyes
just starting to squint listening to
all those messages from the world
around her– Not Good Enough.
Too Much. Better Change to Fit In.
No One Will Like You.

I see her shining beauty,
that sweet face, bubbling laugh,
the spark of her essence. She is
so-so-so much goodness and wonder,
and she has started to forget,
in the face of the cruel, broken
world. I sigh.

I lived her. And now I see her,
and I want to hold her close and
whisper all the love in her ear.
You you you are not what they say,
don’t listen, my Sweet. Hold on
hold on hold
on, I am coming
for you
I love you
You are me
I am you
and we will
hold on to us,
Each Other,
feet on this
brown earth,

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{Theresa Jarosz Alberti, 2016}


  1. SH

    Another great poem! And an outstanding photo of you!

    • Theresa Alberti

      Thank you, my friend! And this is reminding me that we need to get together sometime soon, in person! 🙂

  2. Barb

    I look forward to that next post, and I love your poem. I recently watched Michelle Obama speak about the need and mission to change the way girls and women are perceived and treated. I am so proud of you for all this work you do to heal your spirit from the way that precious little girl in you was treated in her family and how courage and spirit were discouraged and confidence was drained away.
    You are an inspiration to me.

    • Theresa Alberti

      Thank you, Barb! That means so much to me, and it’s been inspiring for me to be on this healing journey with you. You have done so much as well!

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