Welcome to Day 12 of my 30-Day Poetry Challenge!

Well DRAT, no comments yesterday, so no winner!  Dear Reader, I hope you are not feeling shy about commenting… the stakes are very low, no-pressure to be anything in particular, you can just say “hi” from wherever you are, honest. I’d love-love-love to hear from you, and I hope to give away another poetry book tomorrow! (It’s so fun!)

Now onto today’s poem. Don’t forget to comment, and check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won!

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Today’s prompt is to write a haibun that takes in the natural landscape of the place you live.

I’d never heard of form before! A Writer’s Digest article says, “The haibun is the combination of two poems: a prose poem and haiku. The form was popularized by the 17th century Japanese poet Matsuo Basho. Both the prose poem and haiku typically communicate with each other, though poets employ different strategies for this…” 

Okay then… here’s mine:

Minneapolis Haibun Continue reading