My three latest books published by FOCUS Readers  in 2018.

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(After) Confession


Sometimes playful, sometimes painful, this collection begins with a dinosaur, looks to the moon, explores feeling and not-feeling, parenthood, growing up with family alcoholism, body issues, transformation, despair and wonder. Partial list of titles:

(After) Confession is 71 pages, with 29 poems to sink your teeth into. Go here to order a copy. Check out the Special Discounted Offer!

Out and About at the Planetarium

“Learn how space objects are projected onto the big domed ceiling. Discover fascinating facts about the stars, the sun, the moon and the planets. Enjoy the magic of the night sky in this trip to the planetarium.”  Ages 7 and up.

My first book, published in 2004 by Picture Window Books.  Copies of Out and About at the Planetarium (Field Trips) can be found on Amazon Marketplace.


An introduction to Earth’s  main climates, including tropical, temperate, polar, and dry climates. Ages 7 and up.  Published in 2005 by Capstone Press, copies of  Climates (Weather Update) are  available on Amazon.


Vietnam ABCs

“Wet rice paddies and steaming jungles. Noodles, lacquer art, and water puppet theater. Explore the pages of this lush book to learn the ABCs of Vietnam and what makes this s-shaped country so fascinating.” Grades 2-5.

Published in 2007 by Picture Window Books (at Capstone). Vietnam ABCs: A Book About the People and Places of Vietnam (Country ABCs) can be purchased at Capstone or on Amazon.


Russia (One Land, Many Countries)

Kids will learn about Russia’s geography, culture, people, government and daily life. Intriguing text, informative sidebars, detailed maps, and full-color photographs give readers a glimpse into life in this unique country.

Published by The Child’s World press in 2015, Russia (One World, Many Countries) can be purchased at Child’s World or on Amazon.