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Poetry Challenge Day 3: The Best I Can Do

Getting in my Day 3 poem a bit late in the day. I’ll keep this introduction brief– I think the poem says it all!

The Best I Can Do

is one of those days
when the writing prompt is “delight”
and my mind is a blank.
Outside my window
it is still crusty gray winter in April.
Spring seems far away
and I’ve been dragged through
some hard times for quite a while.
Haven’t we all?
My mood is low
and the cruel weasels in my head
are too loud.

I can remember times in my former life
but it’s too tender to go there today.
The best I can do is
dig around in my bag of tricks for
the smooth stone of gratitude,
soothing in my hand.

Oh yes,
this is where the ice starts to crack
and the weasels get brushed away
(for now, at least).
I see so many trees out my window,
starkly naked and reaching and steadfast,
whispering promises that they will bloom.
I have this beloved house and neighborhood
I still get to call home, despite divorce.
I have people I love– kids, friends, family–
to connect and share and laugh with.
And I have enough
of almost everything

It too will
bloom again


Writers, if you haven’t heard of them yet, do check out the London Writers’ Salon! They are a wonderful community of writers that went global during the pandemic, and they offer free daily co-writing sessions called The Writers’ Hour, guest speakers and online events, and a membership site with active forums. I’ve really enjoyed what they have to offer!

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  1. Carroll Jones

    I am always so truly delighted to read your poems, Theresa. They have a quality… a something that you GET about what a poem can be. And yours just flow out of you — and into me. Thank you!

    • Theresa Alberti

      Awww, Carroll, that is so sweet of you to say. I’m honored that my poetry has meaning for you. Thanks so much for letting me know!

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