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The Mermaids of Lake Nokomis

What does it take to find bits of magic in your life? Sometimes all you need is a lake and friends and a desire to move your body. That’s what happened for me.

It started in July of 2020. Many of us women had been taking water aerobics classes at the YWCA for years together, several times a week. We’d become a community who knew each other’s faces and stories, who laughed and breathed hard, and sometimes complained together.

When COVID came along, of course the Y and everything else shut down. As the summer ticked by, one of our members who had been a former water aerobics teacher had the brilliant idea to start emailing to see if anyone was interested in having some unofficial classes at one of the city lakes a few times a week. Everyone loved that idea. Continue reading

The Magical Scarf

It’s been a heckuva winter as they say up here in the North Land–  one of the longest, coldest, snowiest, grueling and unending we’ve had in years.  There were 50 days below zero, wicked windchills that caused kids to miss 6 days of school (usually there are no snow days here), and the cities had to implement a parking ban— only parking on one side of the street because too much snow made the roads too narrow.  I know that much of the country had terrible winter stories to tell as well… we were all in it together.

It’s been a rough winter for me in other ways too– Continue reading

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