(Past invitation, in reference to Divorce Lesson #7)

Bob is moving out in January and I’m having a party—not to celebrate (because I certainly don’t feel that way) but because I want to get through another phase of this tough time, shake things up, feel better for a while. Do something silly.

So I’m tearing down the wallpaper in this hallway in my house, buying a bunch of paint, and I want you—my friends—to come and paint something on the walls and doors: an image, a decoration, a slogan, an inspirational phrase, anything you want. It doesn’t have to be fancy or artistic—it will all be sweet. I know that just seeing these creations will bring a smile to my face and soothe my heart in the months to come.

And I want you to paint me, too! I’ll wear minimal clothing and have some drawing/painting supplies and you can help me bolster my courage by helping me armor my body with your art or words.

If you are so moved, bring a joke or a poem to share, or just hang out for a while, because January can be a tough month for many of us to get through (holidays are over, winter has really set in). Surely, getting together and doing something different will change up the mood and bring some fun for all of us.

I’ll have brownies and soup and apple cider and booze of some sort. If you want to bring party food or drink to share, you’re welcome to do it but it’s totally optional. Stop by for a few minutes to paint something, or stay and hang out for hours and enjoy the food and music and company. It’s all good.

I hope no one in any way feels that they will be Choosing Sides by attending. That’s not what this is about. Bob and I have many friends in common, and I hope that won’t change while we go through this. I’m just asking for some connection with anyone who wants to connect in this hard time. I love Bob, I know he also needs support and I hope he gets it. He’s invited too. J

Saturday, January 10, 2015

3:00 pm until midnight

If you can let me know you’ll be coming, that’s great. But if not, just showing up is fine too!