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Beginning Anew, Again

I start most mornings with a green smoothie– a concoction of cucumber, spinach, rice or nut milk, chia seeds, stevia, protein powder, bananas, a scoop of frozen orange juice concetrate, and a mix of frozen fruit– mango and berries of all sorts.  I know it sounds weird to a lot of people, but we like it around here.  It’s thick and sweet, goes down easy, and I don’t have to think about what to make for breakfast.  Most days, this is it.

It’s also super-healthy, and this makes me feel like I’m beginning anew, again, each day.  Of course, one nutrient-rich drink doesn’t undo the “sins” of the previous day, but it does help me to wipe the slate clean again, to set an intention for how I want the day to go, steering me in the right direction.  Even though I often get turned around and a little lost in my days, there is a hopeful faith, a yearning, and beauty in a fresh start.

I’m using this moment to Begin Anew, Again with my blog.  After taking a great blog class and reading tons of other blogs this past year, I’ve been learning a lot but also floundering in figuring out where I want to go.  One of my problems has been that I put enormous pressure on myself to be like other blog-writers, to do things a certain way, and then I freeze up because I can’t live up to my inflated expectations.  I can’t write this kind of entry… I need to do this and this and THIS to have it be good enough…   I’ve written some great stuff here, and I do want to continue to do that, but I want to take the pressure off of myself, too.  I want to write more often, share all kinds of stuff, not worry about the facade of being This Certain Type of Blogger. I can be me, someone who is sometimes serious and passionate and philosophical, but also sometimes silly and odd.   It’s my blog… I can let it all hang out and just follow my whims.

It sounds fun and exciting and scary.  We’ll see where this goes.  Take another sip of my morning smoothie.  Here I go!


Giving Up Perfection

This weekend I was driving down the river road and saw a young artist with his easel set up on the bike path.  He was standing in front of his canvas, painting the beautiful Fall colors.  I turned and craned my neck to see how he was doing as I drove by.  There were colors and lines on the canvas, a half-finished work of art.  “That’s brave,” I thought, standing there in public where anyone could watch his process, see the humble beginnings, judge what might not look like much in the middle.

I remembered watching Bob Ross on public television when I was a kid.  My dad liked to watch him teach the audience how to paint landscapes, and Mr. Ross did have a mesmerizing quality about his voice (painting all his “happy little trees.”)  I was fascinated by his process—he’d start painting the scene and it would look like a mess.  It looked like a mess until he was more than half-way through–  every time I watched, I was sure he had totally botched his painting this time.  Wouldn’t you know, he always managed to turn his mess into a miracle, and end the show with a lovely nature scene.

All this has got me thinking about Perfectionism lately.  Continue reading

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