Welcome to Day 29 of my 30-Day Poetry Challenge!

Let’s just get right to the poem — the penultimate day! If you want to leave a comment and win a poetry book, please do! As always, details at the bottom of the post. Thanks for reading!

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Today’s poem was inspired by my Libra horoscope this week, from FreeWillAstrology.com. These are always kind of quirky and creative: “The bad news it that 60 percent of Nevada’s Lake Mead has dried up. The good news – at least for historians, tourists, and hikers – is that the Old West town of St. Thomas has re-emerged. It had sunk beneath the water in 1936, when the government built the dam that created the lake. But as the lake has shrunk in recent years, old buildings and roads have reappeared. I foresee a comparable resurfacing in your life, Libra: the return of a lost resource or vanished possibility or departed influence.”

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