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And Now for Something Completely Different

Today I’m taking a break from the Subject of the Month to write about something new. Just shortly after My Life Changed Big-Time, I threw caution to the wind and decided to sign up for an improv class. Improv comedy has always intrigued me– I’ve gone to many performances over the years, I know a lot of people who do it, AND it scares the SH*% out of me. I’m not a person who feels comfortable doing public speaking. Even speaking one-on-one with a person who is a little bit intimidating can make my mind blank out, and I’ll have no idea what I was going to say.

I’m a writer, so communicating on paper comes completely naturally to me. The words flow, and I can free-write a la Natalie Goldberg til the cows come home (which is actually a bit improvisational, writing whatever comes to mind with no editing, and my mind and pen have no trouble with that). But I still remember the complete and utter panic I felt the night before teaching classes on National Novel Writing Month with my friend Sherri at The Loft. I knew my subject matter really well, but I was practically paralyzed and adrenalized with fear before and during the class. Continue reading

All This DRAMA in Our Life

Did you hear that sound?  One giant whooooosh as we all collapse in a heap now that the Minnesota Fringe Festival is done (not to mention all the other directors, actors, staff and volunteers involved all over the city also collapsing).  This was the first time our family got an inside view of what it takes to create and perform in a Fringe play, thanks to my husband, Bob.

A few years ago, Bob started talking about an idea he had — he wanted to create a performance where a diverse bunch of actors would learn all the lines to all the roles of some classic scenes, and then they would be cast randomly into those roles at the start of the play.  He talked about this off and on for quite awhile, and then this year, he put his name in for the Fringe Lottery.  “It takes some people years to get picked to do a show,” he said.  “I might as well start now.”  So of course, he was randomly selected on his first attempt!  Continue reading

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