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Poetry Challenge Day 7: “Sausage Links”

Today’s poem was inspired by the errand I ran, in preparation for family Easter traditions. The poem explains it all, hope you enjoy!

Sausage Links

It’s a few days before Easter.
The kids will be coming for brunch.
I head downtown to Kramarczuk’s,
the Eastern European deli my relatives
have always worshipped. Both sides
of my family are Polish, and sausage
is a requirement for every holiday.
Not just any sausage: these long,
smoky, garlicky links, hand-made,
authentic Old World, a savory splurge.  Continue reading

Poetry Challenge Day 6: “Triolet”

Struggling today… no bursts of inspiration or magical words. I tried writing a triolet, a form of poetry I’d never heard of before today.  A triolet is an 8-line poem where the 1st, 4th, and 7th lines are identical, as are the 2nd and 8th lines. There is repetition, and a tight rhyme scheme that follows ABaAabAB, where capital letters indicate repeated lines. It sounds simple AND confusing at the same time!

Anyway, here’s what my muddled brain came up with after spinning ’round and ’round for way too long. I’d like to try playing around with this poetry form again. It could yield some interesting results if I was not squeezed for time.  Better luck tomorrow!


There is no cure for writer’s block.
Don’t ask the cat to be your muse.
Just give up and take a walk.
There is no cure for writer’s block.
Sometimes your head is full of rock.
Your cat will only purr and snooze.
There is no cure for writer’s block.
Don’t ask the cat to be your muse.

Photos:  my photo of Loki, and Steve Johnson of

Poetry Challenge Day 5: “After-Days”

I didn’t follow the prompt for this one, so looked around in the Notes app on my phone where I sometimes write down snippets that could turn into poems someday. The first line of this poem had been sitting in there quite a while. Can any of you relate to the topic? I hope not!


What do you do with old, worn-out dates,
once celebrated, now fading to gray?
They’ve been an automatic reflex for so long,
anniversaries marking the calendar
like tombstones so solid
I keep stubbing the toe of my heart on them
as the months pass by.  Continue reading

Poetry Challenge Day 4: “Approaching Michelangelo’s David”

Okay, not starting a poem until after 8 pm is a bit of pressure to come up with something! But somehow my brain stepped up to the plate to have something to post, whew. It’s rather silly, but was fun to write. Today’s prompt was:

Write a poem that puts you in conversation with a piece of visual art. Respond to the art, describe it, or tell us about its impact on you.

So that’s what I did…

Approaching Michelangelo’s David

He stands majestic,
all 17 feet of silky marble skin, poised in that classical pose.
One hand reaching up to his shoulder, one arm hanging down,
every chiseled inch smooth and pale, so lifelike I was almost
not surprised to see him nod as I approached. Continue reading

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