New book!

Greetings, and welcome to my Publication Day Party! Help yourself to the delectable array hors d’oeuvres; the wait staff will serve you wine or mocktails or whatever you desire to quench your thirst. Be sure to enjoy the beautiful ocean vista and walk on the beach at sunset after the party, since of course, this virtual party is in Hawaii! (I mean, if all I get is a fantasy party, why not dream big?)

I am celebrating today the publication day of my new book, Mono in a Poly World: What to Do When Your Partner Is Polyamorous and You Aren’t. It’s published under my pen name, Tazmyn Ozga, and is now available to be magically transported to your Kindle-reading device or app. (Click here to see it.) Right now it is available in e-book form, but I am working on the paperback option. Right now it is only available on Amazon, but I hope to diversify in the future.

Me with a previous book

It has been a long haul in writing this book, during the strangest and one of the most difficult years we all have been through. I am proud of myself for continuing to work on it day after day, especially in the beginning when I had no idea what form the book would take or how to structure the ideas. I was driven by my desire to help others who are monos in relationship with poly partners, since I was continually seeing much suffering in the Facebook groups I’m in. There are no books on this topic out there, and I wish there had been one for me. So I felt a great need to write it. You can see my author website and read an excerpt at

Book 10?

And it’s my 10th book! I honestly hadn’t kept track of how many books I’ve written, so I was surprised when I counted them yesterday. Most of them are nonfiction educational books I did that were work-for-hire and don’t earn me any money, but I did write them (they were a lot of work, too). I feel pretty pleased to have books to my name.

Of course, many people have helped and supported me along the way, and I’m so grateful for that. I have an acknowledgements page where I try to include them all. I’m also thankful for anyone who has been interested in the book or purchased a copy. It means a lot to me.



One final plug: if you do read the book, please review it on Amazon. Even one-sentence reviews count and are appreciated. And I don’t mean just me and my book– write reviews for other authors you read, books you’ve enjoyed. Reviews really help authors out– the more reviews a book has, the more that Amazon (or other places) will suggest your book to other people. It can really help the success of a book. I didn’t know this until a few years ago. One author I know who is good at asking for reviews said a review can simply be “Bought the book and I’m excited to read it.” Or “I like this author’s writing.”  They do not have to be long, complex reviews.

Okay, back to the party now. I’m ready for my glass of wine! Thanks for joining me in my celebration.

[I had a fun photo shoot with myself today, trying to get some nice author photos. I’m indulging myself and sprinkling them around.]