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Mirror Cats!

And now for some lighter fare…

I’ve had my two silly cats for a long time now. Black cat Jinx is 14, and white-and-gray Loki is 10. It’s only been in the last few months that I’ve noticed a strange behavior they both exhibit. Maybe it started after the pandemic, when I started to give them each half a can of wet cat food* every morning, to supplement their prescription dry food. They LOVE the wet food (not a surprise to cat owners!) and eagerly and loudly meow for it every morning.

[*Note: Jinx will gobble up almost anything. Loki is the prima donna who will only eat Fancy Feast flaked– not pate or gravy. He would rather starve.]

I started noticing that the two cats would align themselves to each other as they eat– parallel or mirroring each other. It was so odd, and happens every morning. I started taking photos on different days.

One day they got all cozy, snugging up together. The funny thing is that Jinx has always had the attitude that he Does Not Approve of This Interloper (sniff). Hey, it’s been 10 years, Jinx, get over it!


Sometimes they get fancy and really mirror each other:


Has anyone else noticed this kind of mirroring or parallel behavior in cats? It’s rather strange, but now it amuses me every day. I think it may be one of the rare gifts of the pandemic, that I’ve slowed down, am not rushing or preoccupied as much, and so I’m noticing small things anymore. The pandemic is so horrible and devastating… we need to take the small bright spots when we can.


And that, friends, is all the wisdom and fun I can muster for today. May you be well and stay healthy.

[Photos by me… every last blurry one!]


  1. Shari Albers

    I love the mirroring. My cat mirrors my covid eating behavior. Needs more food or attention RIGHT NOW! Definitely a difference in both our behaviors. Yet, she is my physical contact with a living thing. I can’t hug my kids who live in different homes or my friends—so I really hug my cat. I am thankful for that sense of warm touch and the fact that she is not fidgety but a true lap cat.

    • Theresa Alberti

      Oh funny, Shari– I’m not sure my cats mirror me, since they have each other, but I can definitely relate to living alone and these are the only living beings i can touch right now. I appreciate them even more now, as crazy as they are!

  2. Angela Chenus

    I have only had two cats together once; mama cat and son. They always slept curled up together in their basket like a yin/yang symbol. Glad you have your cats for company.

    • Theresa Alberti

      I would love yin/yang cats! Mine have never, are more solitary creatures. I am appreciating their company extra this year!

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